Recently an initial work in LoRAWAN for edge computing is released from this link.

LoRaWAN is a promising network solution for various application domains, especially in developing countries. While its network architecture is highly distributed, the network architecture aims at aggregating data into a centralized location, mainly the cloud-based data center. With such an architecture, we can bring data from distributed sensing sources to centralized cloud-based data and analytics services, however, it does not foster edge analytics atop LoRaWAN, which is highly suitable for scenarios in developing countries due to connectivity and cost constraints. We outline a conceptual architecture and design augmenting LoRaWAN software architecture for edge analytics. In this paper we develop techniques for edge analytics working with LoRaWAN core network functions. We present key prin- ciples of shared data for edge analytics with LoRaWAN. Based on that, we describe main services, their interactions and data models for connecting edge analytics to LoRaWAN infrastruc- tures. We present our prototype to illustrate our concept and implementation.
I want to mentioned in this industrial related blog because actually the motivation for me to investigate LoRaWAN and edge computing is come from the discussion with my friends in industry sector in Vietnam. I hope I will have more time to work on the prototype and I can release it soon.

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