Recently I have given a a tutorial Dynamic IoT Data, Protocol, and Middleware Interoperability with Resource Slice Concepts and Tools at the ACM IoT 2018 conference. Since this is an academic conference, I have not elaborated many issues and examples with industrial platforms. However, we will extend the tutorial to cover interesting topics for practitioners and engineers from industries.

Recently I have released my initial scientific work in LoRAWAN for edge computing. The paper is available from this link. The motivation for me to investigate LoRaWAN and edge computing is come from the discussion with my friends in the industry sector in Vietnam. I hope I will have more time to work on the prototype and I can release the code soon.

Big Data | Incident

Dealing with Incidents in IoT Cloud data pipeline

We have recently investigated possible incidents in IoT big data analytics. Although it is an academic work, it is highly relevant to practical work in cloud and big data analytics in industrial setting. One of the results is that we provide various analyses about the what, where and how of incidents in complex big data processing.

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