Hong-Linh Truong

Researcher, Educator, and Consultant

Hong-Linh Truong has 20 years of experience in dealing big data processing, cloud computing, IoT, and service models. His current main job is a professor at Aalto University, Finland, and a Priv.Doz at TU Wien, Austria (see his academic home page here) where he carries out research and teaching in the above-mentioned areas, leading the Service Engineering Analytics group. He was a Scientific Advisor for LARION, Vietnam. He co-found IoT & Big Data Computing Lab in Vietnam. He is also working on DAIENSO Lab for Machine Learning, Automation, and Edge Cloud Continuum and Digital Transformation solutions for enterprises in developing countries. He partners with GIGARION TECHNOLOGY for developing complex cloud and big data solutions for enterprises. Check his short industry-relevant CV here, his full CV, and his Google scholar here.